Who are we?meeting room

The Chattanooga Chapter Hearing Loss Association is made up of people who share a common loss of hearing. This hearing loss could be their own, a family member's, a friend's or even someone in their lives such as a co-worker or neighbor. Communication among chapter members takes place through the use of lip- reading, sign language, captioning, pencil and paper, or amplification systems; whatever it takes. Chapter members see communication accessibility as a primary need.

What we do?

The chapter holds monthly meetings on the third Sunday of the month, from September through April, at 2:00 p.m. at the Ronald McDonald House across from Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga, TN. A holiday party takes place in December while each May the chapter holds an annual Walk4Hearing walk-a-thon. Meetings provide educational and social opportunities. A variety of speakers provide information on all aspects of hearing loss such as "How to Cope with Hearing Loss", "What is the Latest and Greatest in Hearing Aids?", "What Cochlear Implants are all about", "Disability Laws and How They Apply to Us", and numerous other topics. Chapter members are actively involved in providing access to community events through the use of real time captioning, and assistive technology. Since 2009, the chapter has organized a local "Walk 4 Hearing" to support national Hearing Loss Association, a major advocacy group for people with hearing loss. The Walk4Hearing not only raises funds for HLAA in support of programs and services for people with hearing loss, but builds awareness of hearing loss issues. The inclusion of assistive technology access in the ADA is a direct result of the efforts of the National HLAA. This walk also raises funds for the Chattanooga Chapter, which uses these monies to provide more community access. What do we do?